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Whether you’re announcing a new product or providing evergreen advice, press releases are still a great way to distribute information to a mass audience. While they were traditionally targeted toward journalists, releases now are often written as stand-alone articles, targeted directly toward readers on the web.

Benefits of Press Releases

  • Have your content immediately published to Google News, Yahoo! News and other high-traffic news sites
  • Generate interest among reporters, which can lead to interviews and articles about your company
  • Control your messaging and keywords – while links from releases no longer add SEO value for your site, there is always value in framing the way your company is referred to and discussed

I can help you establish a PR strategy, draft press releases for you on a one-off or ongoing basis, and help you determine the best way to distribute them. Let’s talk about how I can plug into your marketing program.

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Stranger than Fiction Press Release
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Hunter Douglas The Break-Up Press Release
Telerad Press Release

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