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Infographics have become a much-hyped form of content in recent years as a way to generate social shares and site links. Since 2008, Google searches that include the word “infographics” have increased by 20 times, and it’s been shown that sharing an infographic can increase web traffic by 12%. But like any content piece, the value depends on the quality of the execution.

How to Create an Effective Infographic

  • Know when to use them. Infographics should usually present new research or other original, numerical data. Even text-based stories (such as tips pieces) should be supported with stats.
  • Choose a tight focus. You should be able to sum up your infographic topic in one sentence.
  • Take a stance. It’s not enough to present data – you should use it to prove a point or raise a question.

I can come up with a theme and strategy for your infographic, write it, and design it personally or with help from an outside designer/developer. I provide a free initial consultation followed by an up-front price quote.

Order an Infographic

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